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    About our APAC-focused strategic foods agency

    Since 2013, our boutique agency has been helping food brands grow in Greater China and wider Asia. Today we've business operations across Beijing, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


    We’re an expert network committed to growing natural and sustainable food brands across Asia Pacific. We've over 60 years of combined FMCG, foodservice and advisory experience working with SMEs, scale ups and leading multinationals at consumer doorstep.


    We believe in demand-led marketing and sales, working closely with channels to ensure the right value proposition is targeting the right audience and source story.




    Reach out to our team and let us know what you'd like to do in Asia and what you can supply. We are open to different ways of working - lighter touch agency services; capital and partnership searches; through to full-blown distribution and channel management.



    Once we align on terms, we can represent your company and/or product(s) under our agency brand across targeted channels in New Zealand, China and wider Asia. We have registered NZ, HK and China entities for import, distribution, sales and marketing services across the value chain.



    With channels in place and orders confirmed, we can oversee your supply chain to ensure end-to-end management during trial and scale up - helping your production teams to ensure export and regulatory compliance, or supporting with in-market General Manager services whilst you search for the right candidate.



    We're your eyes and ears to ensure you have full visibility of where your products are going, providing competitor and channel insights, and what changes need to take place to match fast moving consumers trends. Sometimes our advice isn't always what you want to hear, but it usually helps shape strategy and governance conversations.


    We are believers of working with fast growing brands and owner-operators who want to see their efforts transcend generations.

    We work with suppliers who are willing to invest in the long term upside

    We work with suppliers who can think strategically, today and tomorrow

    We work with suppliers who care for the land, their stories and our environment

    We work for households in busy, urban cities who seek to trust sustainable food stories

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    Opportunities in our food network

    Plant-based desserts startup


    GM / Co-Founder, location NZ preferred but flexible across APAC.


    We're looking for a passionate food entrepreneur with 10+ years experience who wants to grow a plant-based desserts company from New Zealand into Asia.


    Ideally you are hungry, a self-starter and have solid FMCG sales/big food experience to balance your entrepreneurial skillset. You'll need to share our vision to help feed Asia Pacific more sustainably, and are excited by the challenge to build a profitable company in the growing plant-based desserts industry across APAC.


    Attractive salary, options and upside for the right candidate. For a more detailed Job Description and to register your interest please drop us a line.





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